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 What to Purchase Recommendations
Beginning and even experienced coaches at all levels will find useful information in The Basketball Coach's Bible. This books covers all individual skills, all team skills, how to plan practice, and how to get more out of practice. Our series of 14 DVDs shows high school and college players running most drills in the book.

DVDs 1-4 present an overview of everything in the book including how to run and get the most out of each practice. Coaches tell us that these can be a little bit overwhelming because of the amount of material covered. These dvds move quickly covering a lot of ground and do not give detailed explanations.

If you want detailed explanations we recommend the starter set - dvds 5, 8, 9, & 12 - or any dvds numbered between 5-14. These videos go into more detail so you can readily do every drill presented in your practice. See the dvd descriptions for more information.

The Basketball Player's Bible covers all individual skills but does not cover team skills nor any information about practice. The nice part about this manual is that the drills are for 1 or 2 players not an entire team. Because the logistics are simpler, the directions are easier to follow and the techniques are easier to understand.

Players would benefit from dvds 1, 2, 5-10, 12, & 13.

The Guides combine material in the larger manuals and make is easier to share material on the drills with other coaches and players.


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