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How To Improve Dribbling Tips

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Dribbling Tips

1. Dribbling starts with proper hand and arm motion as well as body position.
2. Moving and twisting to awkward body positions are keys to dribbling.
3. You need to dribble with defensive contact, looking in all directions, even behind, to learn how to protect the ball.
4. Dribbling is never an end unto itself. One offensive objective is to pass the ball up court to the open player as fast as possible. You must dribble with your head up, constantly looking to pass. All lessons require players to keep their heads up and look while dribbling.

Counterproductive Beliefs
1. Dribbling can't be taught. You have to be a natural. This is true if you don't know how to teach dribbling. This inaccurate idea discourages coaches and players alike. Nothing could be further from the truth.

2. Dribbling between the legs and behind the back are effective methods. They may look good and be okay to practice, but they do not have much effect in games.

3. It is cool to dribble waist high or higher like many of the pros. Dribbling high is much more difficult, and, unless you are very quick it will lead to disaster. Bob Cousey dribbled with his elbows nearly straight; the ball was only inches, rather than feet, off the floor.

4. The more you dribble the better you dribble. No, dribbling correctly improves dribbling. Dribbling with the head down, standing straight up, not bothering to look around does the reverse ­you learn how to and do dribble incorrectly. You need to be aware of how you practice. If you want to improve your dribbling technique stop dribbling improperly, even if it is inadvertent, like the dribbling you do while shooting the ball around. Limit your dribbling to the lessons in this book.
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