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How To Improve Passing Tips

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Passing Tips

1. Passing technique starts with touch and wrist movement as well as arm position. Most passes involve a flick of the wrist with little arm movement.
2. Faking is an important part of effective passing.
3. Passing as well as catching involves pivoting.
4. Use the overhead, side, and bounce pass to avoid the defense.
5. Bounce passes, which are especially effective in traffic, need to be carefully timed.
6. Baseball passes are good for long passes.
7. Communication is necessary to insure that the ball and the cutter meet at a point.
8. Realistic passing lessons need defense.

Counterproductive Beliefs
1. Good plays are the key to team offense. Nope. Players need to learn the fundamentals of offense. The greatest plays ever dreamed cannot work if players do not pass, cut or communicate well. The worst plays ever conceived will work if players know how to cut, pass, and communicate.

2. Chest passes may have historical significance but they are worthless with defense. Holding the ball close to the body at waist height is a terrible place to have the ball. You can't pass fake, ball fake or readily reach around the offense. Neither can you fake a shot with the ball in this position. Say good-bye to this pass and use more effective ones.

3. Timing between players just develops. If you can wait for evolution to take place I bet it will. However, if you practice timing it will develop within days rather than eons.

4. Passing is an easy skill. Passing as well as cutting may even be more difficult to learn than shooting or dribbling. Their are several reasons for this. One, timing between the passer and cutter is involved. Two, flicking passes is rarely taught, and it is not that easy to do. Adding defense on the passer and or catcher makes passing very difficult.
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Sidney Goldstein, author of The Basketball Coach's Bible and The Basketball Player's Bible, has successfully coached both men's and women's teams over a period of 15 years.


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