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Stop Excessive Fouling

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How To Stop Excessive Fouling
© 2000 Sidney Goldstein

Most of this article is from an email in response to a father's question about his daughter being benched half of each game because of careless fouls. Use this with any player, especially big bruisers, who tend to foul too much.

Actually, this is an easy problem to completely solve. Figure maybe a half hour several times.
Here are the exercises you need to do:
1. Two players face each other maybe 1 foot apart. One player
has a ball; the other is your daughter, or the problem fouler. The player with the ball may not dribble or pivot. He must keep the ball out in front and move it
around quickly. Instruct your daughter to aggressively go after the ball. Urge her to be aggressive. Stop and then restart after each foul. When your daughter can aggressively go after the ball for 15 seconds without fouling proceed.
2. Allow the player with the ball to move it to the side or or
even behind. No pivoting is allowed. Same directions as 1.
3. Now allow the player with the ball to pivot. Allow your daughter to move her feet. Again urge your daughter to go aggressively after the ball. Same directions as 1.
4. The player with the ball sets up 1 foot from the basket.
Your daughter is right in front. The player shoots. Your daughter
aggressively attempts to block the shot. Make sure you daughters arms remain in a vertical position. If she brings her arms toward the ball call a foul. Again you must urge her to block the shot.

In each drill you must urge you daughter to be aggressive
to simulate game situations. Without this continued urging these
drills are worthless. You want her aggressive, but in control.

Your comments are welcome.
Sidney Goldstein, author of The Basketball Coach's Bible and The Basketball Player's Bible, has successfully coached both men's and women's teams over a period of 15 years.

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