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A Player Practice Routine Involving Basic Skills

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If you think you can waste time just shooting around,
then you better think again!!!!

A Player Workout and/or Warm Up Routine Involving Basic Skills
by Sidney Goldstein Copyright © 2001

If a player has a sensible training routine he/she can improve 10 times faster. Poor practice habits usually make players worse and definitely prevent improvement. Do this routine every time you practice shooting whether at practice or on your own. Most of these drills initially need to be done with a coach present. It is helpful if the coach understands the details. I'm just giving bare minimums here. You need a book or dvd to give you the details of each activity. This is a daily routine, so if you think you can waste time just shooting around, then you better think again!!!!

 Purpose Details
1--Touch Hold ball on fingerends, hands clawed for 50 seconds
2--Loosen Wrists Arms at sides, elbows straight. Shake wrists side to side to loosen them.
3--Wrist Motion 1-From same position flick wrist forward and up. Allow the hand to come back naturally. Make sure the palm is facing back when you start. 50 seconds to 1 minute
2-Raise arms above head; now the palms are facing forward. Flick back and let the hand come forward naturally.
 4--Body Alignment Statue of Liberty Drill of Flick up--Raise arms above head. Elbows straight. Ball on fingertips of hand of shooting arm. Wrist bent back as far as possible. Bring elbow towards the nose. Bring the other hand across the body to maintain alignment. Make sure wrist is facing forward not to the side. Flick the ball up 2-6 inches. Don't try this without a coach or some help. Do this for about a minute
 5--Pivoting 1. Small pivots-Left foot pivot. Make sure ball of foot is pivot point. Move heel upward. Take 25 small pivots forward, then 25 backwards.
Repeat with right foot pivot foot.
2. 180 degree pivots- Left foot pivot foot. Take 10 half way around pivots forward. Then 10 back.
Repeat with left foot as pivot.
 6--Pivot Routines  Hold ball while doing these pivoting moves
1- Jab Steps- Left foot pivot. Take a jab step to the right and push ball in the same direction. Repeat 10 times then switch pivot foot.
2. Fake crossover 180 high. Left foot pivot. Jab step right then pivot forward 180 bringing the ball overhead Repeat 5-10 times. Switch pivot foot and repeat
3-Fake crossover 180 low. Same as last exercise except touch the ball to the foot on the fake and push the ball forward low as you pivot around. Bring the ball up high after the pivot. Repeat 5-10 times. Switch pivot foot.
4- Pump fake--Left foot pivot. Take jab step to right and fake a shot at the same time. This is call a pump fake. Repeat 5-10 time. Switch pivot foot.
 7--Shooting Routines or Moves  Do each shooting routine from one foot, not 2 or 3, on the left ,right, and center of the basket. Use the backboard each time even from the center. (Helps technique.) Do NOT let the ball hit the ground at any time during the routine. Repeat each shot 5-10 times. Switch pivot foot repeat. You can then repeat the entire sequence with the opposite hand.
 8--Jab Fake or Pump Fake Move One foot from basket. On right side. Left foot pivot foot. Jab step fake right. Shoot one foot shot. Repeat 10 times.
Move to center. Repeat 10 times
Move to left. Repeat 10 times
Switch pivot foot.
Right side of basket, jab left. Shoot 10 times
Move to center, Repeat 10 times
Move to left. Repeat 10 times.
This adds up to 60 shots so far. You can repeat this entire routine with the opposite hand== 120 shots
I'm only giving first move for other drills.
 9--Pivot Around Shoot Move Start one foot from basket on right side with back to basket. Right foot pivot. Jab step left, then pivot around to basket and shoot. Repeat 5 times. Forget about opposite hand on this one. Total 30 shots.
10--Pivot Around Jump Hook Move  For older players. Same as previous drill except take a jump hook.
 11--Fake Pivot Move-All pivots are 180 degree.  Face basket. Pivot backwards so your back is to the basket and fake with ball. Pivot forward and then shoot. Repeat 5 times.30 shots total
Same as previous except that you pivot forward first so that you back is to the basket, then pivot around backward and shoot. Total shots 30.
 12--Four Drives to Basket  There are 4 drives to the basket- 8 if you want to work on the opposite hand. Do each drive 5-10 times. Remember that the first step is long to get by the defense; the last step is short and up, not forward. The total number of shots could be from 20 to 80.
 13--Drive, Shoot with right hand,  Drive 1- drive right, left foot pivot
Drive 2- drive right, right foot pivot. Jab step left then drive Drive 3- drive left, right foot pivot
Drive 2- drive left, left foot pivot. Jab step right then drive
Repeat with opposite hand.
 14--Increase Shooting Range  Start one foot from basket. Make 2 shots in a row. Take a step back each time you make 2 in a row. Take a step forward each time you miss a shot. If you continue to miss from short distances this is your maximum range. Work more on technique. You can take a jump shot.
 15--Full Court Shoot  Shoot one shot each time down the court. Can be like near to far except you are only shooting one shot each time down. Make sure to keep your head up while you are dribbling downcourt. Go for 10 minutes.
Your comments are welcome.
Sidney Goldstein, author of The Basketball Coach's Bible and The Basketball Player's Bible, has successfully coached both men's and women's teams over a period of 15 years.
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