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We provide solutions that save time and get you where you want to go : (numbers list reference articles, see also tips link above)

•How do you teach players to work together on offense? Why working on plays usually causes problems. 2

•How to setup and run practice? In a sense, coaches and players must walk before running. Work on what your players need. 1 

•What are the most important skills players need to learn?
All skills depend on agility and conditioning. 1   2   3   4

•How do you make each player effective on defense? Defense depends on factors such as conditioning, readiness, and how a player actually moves. Players need to learn the defensive dance steps.

•How do you get more out of limited practice time? There are over 40 ideas in the book and video. 

•How to avoid a lot of bad ideas that do not work. Here's a short list. 1

•How do you quickly and effectively teach (or learn) basic and advanced individual skills like:  1
—the layup, jump shot
, hook shot, free throw
—catching, passing, dribbling
—TLC skills including timing, looking and communication
—rebounding, boxing out, & other basic defensive skills
—scoring moves, faking, ball handling, and so on
This is what our books and videos are about.

From Introduction"My methods are a step back to the basics and a step forward to improved training. A place to start and to return again and again. No matter what level you coach, the fundamentals do not change. You will reap great rewards by recognizing, practicing, and applying them to your situation."
from the The Basketball Coach's Bible

Coaching techniques are not gimmicks. One idea will not make it or break it for your team. However, constant work on the basics yields incredible outcomes.
Sidney Goldstein 2008


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