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Here are some one frame shots from the shooting videos that we are currently working on. Let us know if you like this feature, because we literally have zillions of shots.
In the making of our videos we used a dozen different teams and nearly 100 different players from the Philadelphia area. I am deeply grateful to all these people. Here are the names of some coaches, teams, and/or people that participated. Please let me know if I left out somebody.
Philadelphia Bible College
Don Martindale, Drew Watson

Abington Friends School
Steve Chadwin

Mercer County Community College
Bud Livingston (now at Wilmington Col)

Dobbins Vocational Technical H S Richard Yankowitz

Moravian College
Rich Stolz (former assistant)

Haverford College
Amy Taylor former coach, Mike Mucci

St. Hubert's HS
Sue Sebold
U of Pennsylvania
Fran Dumphy

Philadelphia University
Tom Shirley

Gwynedd Mercy College
Greg Morris

Cherry Hill High
Jessica Lautman, my cousin's daughter

Norristown High School
Roger Jackson

St Francis Home for Boys
Mitch Benn

Phila. 76's Strength Coach
Brian Lange

I'm talking to Haverford College players during the filming of the shooting videos, not yet completed.
Adjusting the elbow of player doing Flickup drill. The elbow needs to be straight, so the shot is released from as high as possible. This drill helps NOSE shooters bring the ball up. A nose shooter releases the ball around their head or nose rather from 1-2 feet above the head. This puts them at a severe disadvantage. It takes about 1-4 weeks to bring the shot up.
Grabbing the ball drill. Teaches players to rip the ball away on rebounds, and loose balls. I emphasize fingertip control here as well.
This is the first drill in the video, holding the ball. A player must hold the ball with the finger ends. The palm and other parts of the hand do not touch the ball. Shooting and catching problems are readily diagnosed. Poor shooters and catchers have great difficulty doing this exercise as well as many others.
This player who is about 6'5" is doing flickups. He has good wrists. I'm pushing or pulling his arm towards his right to keep his body squared up. This drill is one of the most difficult to master and one of the most helpful with shooting technique.
The objective is to flick the ball up 3-6 inches using only the wrists, keeping the body squared up. Ball is kept on fingertips. Elbow is straight.
Two players doing the grabbing drill. They are having problems holding the ball properly. Again, I want them to handle the ball with their finger ends to improve touch. Touch is needed for more than shooting, Touch is needed for passing and dribbling as well.


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