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DVD Sets
The Basic Set

DVDs 1-4 show college and high school players doing most of the drills in the books in order. This can be a little overwhelming.

The Starter Set
DVDs 5,8,9, & 12 may be better to start with because they start at the beginning and go into more detail on each drill.

The Shooting & Dribbling Set
DVDs 5-8 take players and coaches through the steps to learn how to shoot all types of shoots. Dribbling, DVD 8 is purchased separately.

The Defense Set
DVDs 9-11 cover individual defense from step 1 and then merges these skills into team defense.

The Offense Set
DVDs 12-14 take coaches and players from step 1 of learning offensive skills to working on team skills
Each DVD has 30 bonus minutes of video describing skills covered in other DVD's.

Individual DVDS
#. Title Length (min)  Contents: For coaches, players, and parents. Topics Include
1. Fundamentals I
(50-4) 78min
The individual fundamentals needed by players from pro to primary school. Ball Handling, Pivoting, Wrist Movement, Dribbling, Shooting, Moves, Pressure & Practice Shooting, Passing, Faking, Catching & Cutting, Rebounding, Defense, Picking and more.
2. Fundamentals II
(51-2) 72min
The fundamentals of team play are easy to learn, once players learn individual skills. Center Jump, Foul line, Plays, Zones, Half & Full Pressure Defense, Out of Bounds Plays, Pressure Offense, Transition and more
3. Planning Practice I (52-0) 71min Shows zillions of skills and drills in an effective order that you can use in practice. Introduces and follows the Practice Planning Guide. All individual and team skills and drills, the essential continuous motion drills, and a cool down from former Sixer trainer.
4. Planning Practice II (53-9) 71min Over 40 ways to get the most out of your players and assistants. Great for coaches. How to: use help effectively; keep all players involved; motivate & demotivate; how to keep score and statistics, plus much more.

5. Shooting I - Shooting Technique
(54-7) 65min

Techniques that yield rapid and permanent improvement. These techniques are the key to improvement. Shooting technique- Touch; Release; Body Alignment; Extension
6. Shooting II - Shooting Practice
(55-5) 77min
The basic shots as well as moves, simple to pro level plus sensible ways to practice shooting. Layups, Drives, Hooks, Jump Shot, Moves, Practice Shooting Techniques.
7. Shooting III - Pressure Shooting
(56-3) 73min
Players will shoot as well in a game as they do in practice. Free Throw Shooting, Multiple Skill Shooting Drills, Shooting Under Pressure.
8. Dribbling
(57-1) 66min
Anyone can be a good dribbler. These methods show how. Technique, Body Position, Protecting Ball, Looking Up
9. Defense I - Defensive Footwork
(54-9) 69min
Teaches defense basics for first graders or pros. Position, Movement, Covering Ball, Forcing Dribbler, Defense On Shooter
10. Defense II - Special Situations
(59-8) 71min
Shows how to play off ball defense, a key to team defense, as well as how to handle picks, box out, and many other defensive situations. Low/High Post Play, Overplay, Front, Help Out, Strong-Weak Play, Box-Out, 2-1 Fast Break, 2-2, Trapping
11. Defense III - Team Defense
(60-1) 72min
Shut down any offense with good team defense. Great for coaches. Person-To-Person, Helping Out, Zones, Half +Full Court Press, Center Jump, In-Bounds,
12. Offensive I - Basic Offensive Skills
(61-x) 81min
Be an effective team and all around player with these skills. Pivoting, Faking,
Passing: Technique, Overhead, Bounce, Baseball; Catching: Jump to ball, Come to ball; Rebounding
13. Offensive II - TLC, Timing Looking and Communication
(62-8) 79min
Our TLC Video: Timing Looking Communication. This is the heart of your offense. Cutting, Faking, Short passes, Weaves, Baseball Pass, Passing With Defense: All in real game situations.
14. Offense III - Team Skills
(63-6) 80min
Everything you need to know about team offense and continuous patterns. Team Offense. Offensive Setups & Plays, Flexible offenses, Out-Of- Bounds and Pressure Situations.


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