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Video 5 -Basketball Shooting I
Shooting Technique
Wonder why you are not having more success teaching shooting? Sidney Goldstein, author of The Basketball Coach's Bible & Player's Bible, explains and shows in no little detail the road to success in the first of three videos on shooting.
Video 5 in the Nitty-Gritty Basketball Series, Basketball Shooting I shows male and female college (mostly) players working on the mechanics of shooting. Starting with an overview of shooting Goldstein explains the three levels of shooting: technique, practice, and game level. Technique involves the mechanics of movement; practice involves ways to practice proper technique; game level involves shooting under pressure. Next, the major shooting problems are presented: 1-tight wrists, 2-lack of arm extension(nose shooting), 3-poor ball handling, 4-lack of ability to pivot, 5-ineffective practice habits, 6-dealing with small or young players. The major topics in this video--Touch; Release; Body Alignment; Extension-- show methods to eliminate these problems.
Goldstein unabashedly states that these techniques work 100% of the time with 100% of players. With over 100,000 books and videos who's to argue! He both narrates and works with players on the screen. Video 6, Shooting II (practice shooting), and Video 7, Shooting III (pressure shooting) complete the 3 volume shooting set. The videos follow the "Bibles", The Basketball Coach's Bible, The Basketball Player's Bible. This video is appropriate for pro to 1st grade coaches. The heavy duty drills and methods are not for casual watching.


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