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What Sportswriters And Reviewers Say about
The Basketball Coach's Bible

 "These two guides [with The Basketball Coach's Bible] offer a remarkably detailed, painstaking organized approach to teaching and mastering basketball skills. Utilizing the techniques of programmed learning, Goldstein breaks down basketball's many teachable skills (shooting, passing, dribbling, cutting, rebounding, etc.) into their component parts and supplies incrementally more difficult lessons for each task. The lessons themselves, whether at the most elementary level (holding the ball in the fingertips) or the most complex (playing defense in the low post), are practical, well presented, and part of a unified whole. Directions are clear, and diagrams accompanying each lesson, though sometimes dense, are always decipherable. "
"The two volumes, one addressed to coaches, the other to players, contain much identical material rearranged to fit the differing audience. There is logic to the rearrangement, though cost-conscious libraries could get by with one volume.the player's guide will attract more readers, but coaches will profit most form Goldstein's dry but comprehensive approach.The need for 'fundamentals' is a rallying cry at every level of competition: these books deliver the goods."

"[A] minutely detailed analysis of all of the fundamentals."
Scholastic Coach

"One of the most comprehensive basketball books available."
Ontario Basketball Association

"It is one of the most thorough books on basketball I have read."
Director of Biddy Basketball

"I don't often endorse books or products but a book came across my desk that I feel is of interest to any man or women interested in coaching basketball at any level. Sidney Goldstein has penned a book titled The Basketball Coach's Bible and it is a must for every basketball coach. The Penn State grad has put together a book that helps the novice all the way up to the veteran. Goldstein has ideas for practice plans, drills, coaching ideas and tips, as well as how to layout a court. the book uses charts and diagrams along with 40 illustrations and is written well." ......."The book is sensational! I highly recommend the book to coaches at any level, from 4th and 5th grade through high school and college."
Oskaloosa(IA) Herald

"If you are looking for a guide to help you coach better, this is the one you're looking for."
The Healdton(OK) Herald

"No aspect of the game is missed as Goldstein walks us through the game step-by-step, from warming up before the contest to warming down afterward to prevent injury."
Chestnut Hill Local (Phila.)

"[A] wonderfully-informative book that lives up to its billing as "A Comprehensive and Systematic Guide to Coaching."
Lompoc(CA) Record

"[This book] is great! "Where was this when I needed it?" some 30 plus years ago."
Marco Island Eagle (FL)

"[A] straightforward, well-detailed broad gauged primer."
The Potomac Reader (Wash. DC)

"This books secondary title, 'A Comprehensive and Systematic Guide to Coaching,' couldn't be more appropriate."
Winning Hoops

"Worth considering as a gift for the hoops junkie in your family."
Journal Star, Peoria

"Like basketball? To help you understand what is going on, get a copy . It covers every aspect of the game."
Book Browsing, West Orange Times (NJ)

"[H]olds the potential for wide appeal for a variety of users involved with kids."
Midwest Book Review, The Children's Bookwatch

"[O]ffers step-by-step lessons to learn and improve as a player or a coach. [S]martly short on theories and long on exercises."

[T]he Man Who Could Help Shaque's Shot."
The Christian Science Monitor

"[C]onsider yourself lucky if Santa left (it) under your Christmas tree. ... [C]ontains the kind of information anyone needs to develop their hoops understanding. ... [F]ew (basketball books) are as well done and systematic as Goldstein's."
The Dayton Daily News

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