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F U N D A M E N T A L   N O T E S
Fundamentals noticed or lacking in pro, college, or other games always with a discussion of fundamentals, teams, coaches, and players. This is more detailed information than you would find in any newspaper. These remarks and discussions should be timeless, so you don't need to remember the game or series to benefit from them.
1. A General Fundamental Note

2. 2005 Men's NCAA

3. 2002 NBA Playoffs

2002 Men's NCAA

5. Two Minutes Of The WNBA

6. 2001 NBA Playoffs

7. 2000 NBA Playoffs

8. 1998 NBA Playoffs

9. 1998 Men's NCAA
Links to Topics Discussed in Fundamental Notes. Each number is a link. Their are many topics not indexed.

Coaching -1----2----3-----4----
Defense -1--
Dribbling -1-
Focusing Players---1-
Foul Shooting--1---2---3---4----5----6---
Full Court Trap----1----
Opposite hand shooting -1-
Match-ups ---1--
Predicting Winner -1----2-
Preparation --1--
Rebounding -1----2----3----4---
Refs -1----2----3-
Recruiting---1----The Shaq/Kobe/Phil Jackson --1998, 2001 +2000 playoffs
Iverson 2001 playoffs

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