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Clinc Feedback
Just a quick e-mail to let you know how much my daughter and I loved your camp this past weekend. Victoria has attended camps at UConn and University of Hartford over the past two years. Both were a week in duration. She commented to me that she learned more in two days than she did in the other camps. Speaking for myself, it was amazing how much information you could successfully "cram" into two days. I look forward to the challenge to incorporate this into my coaching.
Bob Parsons, Wolcott Ct

Hello, I attended your first clinic last summer with Koko Davis. I wanted you to know how well your teaching style works with players both young and old. Upon our return from Philly we held a skills and drills clinic where everything taught came from your books and videos. I am pleased to report that a few of the sophomore girls who attended now start for the varsity girls team. Also, some of the boys who did not make the schools basketball team last year, now start and are valuable team members.
I received a compliment a few days ago from the coach of the girls the junior high team. She said she could really tell the difference in the players who attended our camp from the ones that did not. Her comment focused on how sound their fundamentals are. So, I lent her my videos and she too is now teaching from them.
Thank you for your commitment to improve the game and more importantly the enthusiasm in which you promote it. I look forward to attending another Nitty-Gritty Basketball Clinic. It may be a couple of thousand miles away, but well worth the time. Thank you.
Kasey Davis, Logadale, Nevada
Thank you Kasey for your efforts. SG

You run an excellent camp with emphasis on the fundamental skills needed to take your game to the next level. James (son) wished you were his coach. We loved it."
Bill Tankersley, Tuscumbia, AL

"I enjoyed the personal attention and I'd recommend this clinic to other coaches. This clinic definitely helped me."
Elaine Balcerak, Magnolia, DE

"My son has been to other clinics, but none has been so beneficial. You focus on skills, not scrimmaging. I also liked the attention to detail. Nothing was taken for granite. Well worth the time, money, and travel."
David B Hunter, Livingston, NJ

"I recently attended your right stuff clinic at Haverford College on October 15,2000. Thanks for putting on an informative clinic. By looking at the books I believe that the clinic was just the tip of the iceberg."
"I've been coaching basketball to middle school students for twelve years, read many books, been to several clinics, this is the best "stuff" that I've seen related to fundamentals, which are sooo important to the level I coach at."
Randy Bireley, Pottstown, PA

"Covered basics extremely well. Shooting fundamentals were easy to understand and made sense."
Todd Vanett, AAU girls, Wayne, PA

"Smaller groups were a benefit. ... I liked your clinic and would attend others."
Daniel Disanto, Paoli Wildcats, Malvern, PA

"I liked that you have broken down the elements of basketball and provided drills and training which will improve a player's ability. I also enjoyed participating in the drills. The exercises are great for developing fundamentals for starting players."
Neal Rist, Yardley, PA, Pennsburg Regional Basketball League

"The best fundamentals clinic I have attended. . . . This will give any coach more security in their knowledge of the game."
Koko Davis, Coach, Overton, NV

"I would definitely recommend this clinic to coaches- beginners or advanced!"
A. Robin Quinn, JrHS Coach, Bridgeton, NJ

"I leave with a greater knowledge and understanding of the game. More importantly, I know how to teach others the vital fundamentals that will make good players become great players."
Kasey Davis, HS Coach, Logadale, NV

Best clinic I ever attended."
Bill Force, Morris Plains, NJ

"My son and I have been to other clinics, but none really compare to this one. This is the best because of fundamentals. This clinic was well worth the time, money, and worth traveling to."
Bill Tankersley, Tuscumbia, AL

"The breakdown of these tough skills into simple steps in a superior teaching tool. Sid (Sidney Goldstein) makes it abundantly clear how every player can improve by practicing the fundamentals correctly.
To have both coaches and players at the clinic was also a great benefit. You could see how players respond and hear Sid's(Sidney Goldstein) coaching points while also hearing 'Real scenario' questions from the coaches.This is the best kind of knowledge a coach at any level can have. It's probably also the most lacking among coaches. I can't wait to put these practices to use!
Jeff Gaucher, Lyman Memorial HS, Norwich, CT


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