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What is a Nitty-Gritty Basketball Clinic
Clinics are available any time of the year when Mr. Goldstein is available. The minimum time for any clinic is 2 hours. A full day clinic  lasts 4-5 hours. Clinics can be for one player, small or large groups of players, coaches or a combination. Each clinic will be tailored to the group.
Minimum costs apply to clinics in Philadelphia, 19118, when no gym charge or zero travel is involved and less than 12 people attend. The minimum charge is $250 for a 2 hour clinic and $500 for a full day clinic. Charges will double for locations more than 2 hours from Philadelphia, 19118. Call to receive a firm offer in writing. Payment of at least 10% reserves space. Complete payment due two weeks before schedule.
For long distances travel to perform a clinic, travel expense and lodging (Mr Goldstein will stay with a coach) should be added to clinic cost. There may be a 2 day minimum depending on the amount of travel.

Fill out this form to arrange a clinic...........

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Okay to give a range for numbers or several dates.
Number of players expected 
Number of adults
Location of Clinic if not at above address
We will inform you if one day is better than another.
Dates that you want to do clinic 
You will supply all needed insurance for the person doing the mini-clinic. 

Any other questions, comments or concerns.

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You can paste the form into the email and fill it out.

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